Stables for sale

Stables for sale
Stables for sale on The Costa Blanca Equestrian type properties.

We also have available a good selection of country properties where stables could be situated.
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All On Board For A Spanish Life!

All Abroad is looking forward to its link-up with ‘A Spanish Life’ which will see one of the most comprehensive websites covering communities in Spain combine its resources with one of the most popular expat magazines around! We offer advice, info, features, and articles all relevant to life as an expat in Spain and with the help of A Spanish Life we’ll be able to spread our message (and some cracking jokes…).
A Spanish Life, like All Abroad, offers expats the chance to tell their story and recount their experiences and now those tips and advice (and warnings!) will be spread around the Costas via the web with A Spanish Life and All Abroad which is a hard copy magazine (free, 5th every month) available at the moment, on the Costa Blanca only.
All Abroad has been running for seven years now (formerly known as The Jungle Drums) and their experts and contributors know what it is like to be an expat in Spain, and they always tell you about anything with a smile on their face!
Welcome and we hope you’ll experience your Spanish Life with all of us here at All Abroad and A Spanish Life!


A Guide to Spanish Inheritance tax,


You may be aware of this already, but it’s something many people who own property in Spain don’t know.

It’s about the taxes payable when an owner of property in Spain passes away.

If you have ever wondered about the details of inheritance tax, it’s simply this:

Your hard earned legacy may have to be sold off to pay crippling tax bills when you pass away?

Spanish Inheritance tax, death duties , legal fees - up to 40% .

So, right now, can you be absolutely sure that those you leave behind will have the money to cover those costs?

Of course we would all prefer our children and grandchildren to enjoy the property we’ve worked so hard to own, and not be forced to sell it to cover onerous tax demands.

Equally as worrying, did you know that in the UK system of IHT, a husband or wife is usually an exempt beneficiary?

But in the Spanish system...

Your husband or wife will not be exempt from Spanish Inheritance Tax.

It's a sobering thought, isn't it?

For a Fuller explanation

Great Book

My wife bought a book from, brilliant, its a single ladies view of being single in her 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Title "Another one bites the dust" by Wendy Bolton-Williams, check it out, we both laughed out loud, true story.


Retirement accommodation for the over 60's

Kei Homes Retirement Complexes

Kei Homes the ‘Retirement Home Specialists’ in Spain, have identified several properties on the Costas most suitable for retirement housing/sheltered accommodation including properties in and around the Torrevieja area, El Campello, Mazarron and Malaga area.

Kei Homes have always had the idea to create and manage several smaller retirement complexes up and down Spain and we are looking for investors to assist us or simply individuals who would benefit from such accommodation to come forward and join us in putting this adventurous but exciting venture into practice.

If you or someone you know are looking for this kind of accommodation, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

These properties will be available on a life-lease/freehold and rentable basis, and we are looking for enough people to make the idea viable. Prices will be very favorable.

Surely there are people out there who possibly need a little care and security who would like to stay on in Spain or arrive to Spain knowing there are suitable places to be had at affordable prices?!

This is a genuine chance and not a scam to provide small retirement complexes/sheltered accommodation with facilities and security befitting elderly people and /or those suffering from restricted mobility, and Kei-Homes is prepared to take the matter further if enough people show interest.

Please ring 680137429 or email for further information.


Free Spanish Lessons

Free Spanish Lessons

Spanish NOW

Are you looking to learn Spanish
Pop in and have a look it is fairly easy this way.


Horse Life In Spain

Horse Lovers Everywhere: we now have a page just for You!.

You can tell us your stories, advertise your stuff, and make use of this fabulous website:

‎"A Spanish Life a website for the people, run by the people."


Accommodation Hotels

Accommodation Local Hotels
Accommodation Hotels Javea

Hotels in the Javea area of The Costa Blanca.

Full list of Featured Holiday Hotels plus Aparthotel in the Javea area The Costa Blanca.



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New and Budding Authors Sought

I am looking for budding authors at the moment, if you could write a chapter on a personal experience in your life with a positive outcome, and want to see it in print, then follow this link to find out how

Have a great day.

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